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    放限值及測量方法(雙怠速法及簡易工況法)》及美國BAR-97標準研制,符合ISO3930或OIMLR99 I級精







    測量范圍     HC:0~10000×10-6(ppm)vol      CO:0~10×10-2(%)vol

    CO2:0~20×10-2(%)vol                 O2: 0~25×10-2(%)vol

    NOx:0~5000×10-6(ppm)           vol λ:0.50~3.00                 COcor:0~10×10-2(%)vol

    示值誤差     HC±12  ×10-6(ppm)vol(絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)

    CO±0.06×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)

    CO2 ±0.5×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)

    O2 ±0.1 ×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)

    NOx ±25 ×10-6(ppm)vol(絕對誤差)或±4%(相對誤差)

    重 復 性      重復誤差≤±2%

    穩 定 性       自動校零,量矩漂移≤±3%

    分 辨 率      HC:1×10-6(ppm)vol      CO: 0.01×10-2(%)vol        CO2: 0.1×10-2(%)vol

    O2: 0.01×10-2(%)vol          NOx:1×10-6(ppm)vol     λ:0.01

    響應時間     95%響應不大于10秒

    預熱時間     8min(可預熱3min應急檢測)

    輸出方式     數字直讀顯示,可附打印機打印氣體名稱,濃度最大值,測試時間、日期等??筛浇涌谂c計算機聯網

    環境條件      溫度-5~50℃,相對濕度≤90%

    電      源      AC100-240V 50/60Hz 或DC12V(選加電源逆變器)消耗功率40VA

    外形尺寸     420mm(長)×310mm(寬)×170mm(高)

    重      量      約9kg

    Main Features:

    Used to measure vehicle emissions of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx gas concentration, automatic

    calculation shows that air-fuel ratio λ, can be the engine combustion performance and emissions

    of pollution in a comprehensive test. Use of advanced foreign technology, import the key

    components assembled. With a high-brightness digital display, automatic zero, linearautomatic

    data processing, auto-alarm when the gas line blocking, fault diagnosis where the unit automatically

    and print testing date, time functions, with built-in printer (or Bluetooth / RS232 interface), can be freely idling and dual idling measure,

    Multi-mode measurement,with convenient operation, accurate measurement data, work stable

    and reliable characteristics.

    Main technical parameters:

    Measuring range:HC: 0~10000×10-6(ppm)vol,CO: 0~10×10-2(%)vol )

    CO2: 0~20×10-2(%)vol, O2: 0~25×10-2(%)vol

    NOx: 0~5000×10-6(ppm)vol,

    R.M.P: 0~9999r.m.p OIL TEMP:0~150℃

    Lambda: 0.50~3.00 COcor:0~10×10-2(%)vol

    Indicating error: HC±12×10-6(ppm)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    CO±0.06×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    CO2±0.5×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    O2±0.1×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    NOx±25×10-6 (ppm)vol ( absolute error ) or±4% ( relative error )

    Stability:moment drift≤±3%

    Repeatability ≤±2%

    Resolution: HC:1×10-6(ppm)vol, CO: 0.01×10-2(%)vol,CO2: 0.1×10-2(%)vol,

    O2: 0.01×10-2(%)vol, NOx: 1×10-6(ppm)vol, Lambda: 0.01,

    R.P.M:10r.p.m, OIL TEMP:0.1℃

    Response time: 95% response is not more than 10 seconds

    Preheating time: 8min ( preheating 3min emergency detection )

    Output mode: digital direct reading, gases can be attached printer name, the maximum

    concentration, test time, date. Can interface with computer networking

    And-use temperature: -5~50°C, Relative humidity: 90%

    Power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz or DC12V( Add power inverter)

    Power consumption: 40VA

    Dimension: 420 (L )×310(W)×170(H)mm

    Weight: 9kg

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